The EO FILPA today 29/6/2012 enables its members to acquire new embossed plates or in cases of issuing new cards FIVA or for those looking to replace their old signs with new ( without changing the number plates ) . The replacement cost was set at 30.00 € per pair of plates . Condition for the receipt of new signs of replacement is returning the Secretariat of ANF two old and the demonstration of an insurance policy in force .

These panels are available in two sizes :

    • normal pair of small dimensions 33 cm length x 10 cm height

or a large rear plate 28 cm length x 20 cm height ( for Italian, old English & American ) along with the normal small forward.

Also : If a member is interested in ordering signs with numbers of his choice (customized number plate) with a composition of a digit to four (x, xx, xxx, xxxx), can be requested from the Secretariat of FILPA order verify the availability and cost.

Each party to replace old signs with new relief must complete an application and submit it to the Secretariat of ANF by fax or e-mail. The Club Pulls schetka requests and made ​​the construction by completing minimum of 30-50 pairs of plates each time . Download ‘ the application by clicking here!

On this occasion we recall the need to pick up and the new Vehicle registration certificateBAC’. If it has not been already, fill in the relevant box in the application. The BAC issued free of charge for our members. More from this site FILPA About the Plates.

Finally, an informative photo album about how manufactured new signs you can see by clicking here!