Classic Cars Challenge China

Από το μέλος της FIVA της Άπω Ανατολής, την Ομοσπονδία Classic Car China, λάβαμε ενημέρωση ότι μετά την μεγάλη επιτυχία που είχε η διοργάνωση του 2013, το Classic Cars Challenge China (4C), θα επαναληφθεί και το 2014. Δειτε τις λεπτομέρειες της εκδήλωσης του 2014 με κλικ ΕΔΩ!    

Inaccuracies Disclaimer

Recently the website ‘Red Flag‘ posted answers to questions raised by the Vice President of ELPA Chr. Apostolides. The controversial and incorrect answer is as follows: B. “The Race is insured through EO ANF​​. With the same safety as the events of EO ANF ​​”. The link here: The EO FILPA made ​​the following…


OMAE – FILPA Announcement

    ANNOUNCEMENT Athens 14/05/2013. Representatives of administrations of OMAE and EO ANF ​​met on 13 May 2013 and discussed the developments in the field of automobile racing. The two federations will cooperate systematically in all matters relating to their struggles and historic car events, and where appropriate will undertake joint initiatives.  

2013 FILPA Members Clubs Schedule

The curriculum Events Venue NR ANF ​​for the year 2013 can each person to “downloaded” by clicking on the relevant link below: EVENT SCHEDULE NR FILPA 2013.  Also you can regularly visit the new official page of the Federation Facebook:      Πρόγραμμα Εκδηλώσεων 2013 των Λεσχών της Ε.Ο. ΦΙΛΠΑ ΙΑΝ. 13 16ος ΓΥΡΟΣ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ…