Agapita MembersClubs of the Federation,
The EO ANF ​​in close cooperation with the ANF, as part of its activities and the desire to increase the contributory benefits to members of all clubs, sought and found a powerful ally to support a unique program, ensuring cooperation with preferential terms with INTERAMERICAN (Group Member, leader in the field of insurance and roadside assistance services-OB.

Specifically, INTERAMERICAN offers to our members, all of us, benefits ROAD HELP for vehicles equipped with signs of EO ANF​​, and benefits MEDICAL HELP for each staff member and our families (first degree relatives).

Particular features include an on-site assistance and repair to vehicle immobilized , transfer to a workshop that will be suggested , change the damaged tire and help immobilization due to lack of fuel , etc.
In the field of Emergency Medical Assistance includes telephone instructions from doctors around the 24oro/365 days ambulance for emergencies , transportation by privately owned media if the incident occurs away from home and other important benefits .
In all the above benefits we can access at a cost of only 25,00 €, per member and only requirement to participate massively (minimum 700 members) and make use of this offer until 31 November 2012 . Will be issued a plastic card for an indefinite period with the name of the insured with the logos of EO FILPA & INTERAMERICAN. Any member who obtains the card has the right to add all the vintage cars in the OB department , with the same annual cost , while the use of OB limited to four calls per year per car .
In a show of support , INTERAMERICAN covering the major struggles with tow truck and ambulance presence .
The detailed terms of coverage are encouraged to inform the Bureau and by extension the Members. The charge to Members ONLY your amount to 25,00 € per year. Please like our express your interest indicating how many numbers of your members are interested in participating in the program by 15 November 2012 .
Recall that you must submit to us a centralized list of names and cars to meet together with the entry fee no later than 20 November 2012 . For more details please contact the Secretary .
Sincerely ,

Dimitris Vernardakis Peter Matsoukis
President General Secretary

PS: Details such as :

About interim participation of new members to the program and new cars

Management ananeotirion

Conditions for the performance of OB & ambulance Events Venue

Will be addressed in the second phase completed if necessary o number of participants in the program .